Tobias Andersson, Youngevity Associate

För mer information skriv eller ring till:

Mail: info@ygy-90-for-life.eu

Telenr Sverige:  0728010809

International Phone Nr: 0046-728-010-809


In English

If you live within USA/America you can go to this site: http://naturligtvis.my90forlife.com/

and click on the "I Want To Join" to then create yourself your own personal Youngevity

account that gives you a 30% discount so you can use your account to shop at wholesale

prices insted of retail prices!.


For everyone else NOT living in USA/America!, we have to use our Youngevity accounts

a bit different so send an email or a text message to get more information on how to get

your own personal account with Youngevity Sweden with 30% discount and how to use it.

Same email and phone number as above, or use the form below.


Note!, There are a few countrys Youngevity are having problems shipping to due to different countrys customs rules. Here is a small list, but it will be edited/updated after more information gets known.

France, Germany, Latvia, Estland, Poland, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Romania, Hungary, Norway and Italy.

Slovakia, Austria and the Czech Republic require an import license from the addressee to import Youngevity products from USA. Perhaps the same goes for some of the countrys upove as well. Look it up with your local customs office!.

Contact Us


Tobias Andersson, Youngevity Associate Skicka ett mail för att få mera information om ett eget konto hos Youngevity Sweden med 30% rabatt och hur man använder det. For English contact info click on the "KONTAKTA OSS" tab above to the right.(Håll ett öga på din skräppost i din email närmsta dagarna efter du fyllt i formuläret) För Sverige: 0728010809
International: 0046728010809